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So where do I begin?

I am Vernon! I hail from India, specifically South India. I was born in a Tamil family that made their living in Karnataka, and there begins my identity crisis. I created Louis Diaries originally as an Instagram page to post my travel pictures, but I realized I needed a better medium to tell my stories. I'm definitely not the best of writers but I hope to keep it as true as it can be!

On this site, you will find my travel stories and the best of my pictures associated with them. Hopefully it inspires somebody to pick their bag up and go explore the world. The only valuable travel advice I can give is that you start travelling to the places that you want to go to. We are all limited by time and resources but there are times when the choice between travel and resources is often won by the latter.  So be a little selfish and go MAKE YOUR OWN TRAVEL STORY!

Journey so far...








Lets be honest!

As I grew up my father told me that I'm a " jack of all trades and a master of none", and that it is not a good trait. I believed that for the longest time, but I couldn't change that about me. I played multiple sport but could never say this sport is what I'm best at. I used various software but never mastered any. I take good pictures but I'm definitely not a pro. All these things did hold me back until recently. A friend of mine said I'm good and I told them "No,  just a regular jack of all trades", and they said that is a good thing and proceeded to complete the quote... "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one". It honestly changed the way I perceived myself. I then understood that my dad did not know the full quote. Of late I've realized the drastic downsides of living a life that is only as meaningful as others perception of you and that waiting for the right time or the comfortable time to do something is never an option. So yea here I am, show casing the best of my abilities while trying to live life to the fullest. 

It doesn't have to be and it won't be Perfect...

Very few of my travel stories have actually been flawless. Left my wallet at a train station ticketing counter, Got my wallet pickpocketed at another metro station, Insane rental car coverage fees even though I had comprehensive insurance but got screwed over because of technicalities, another rental car instance where I didn't take the comprehensive insurance and got screwed over for no fault of my own, woke up with a sore throat and fever on day two of a solo trip, went for another trip with a knee ligament injury which I picked up 1 day before my trip and missed a flight even after checking in the luggage and getting the boarding pass, cause I stopped to get some breakfast. All these incidents and I still came back with the best memories! A journey with a few setbacks is better than not making the journey at all. 

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